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Busy Jan-Mar 2022

Wow, what a season it’s been for the Summer of 2022 in Lakes Entrance. Here at Farout Fishing Charters we’ve been taking you guys out

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Snapper & Gummies

Charter Fishing in Lakes Entrance this winter has been great with plenty of Snapper all the way through. Lakes Entrance is one of the only

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Sword Fish & Snapper

Fishing Charters Offshore Lakes Entrance have been booming with some great catches. Lakes Entrance has had a tough ride with Bush fires and then Covid,

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Snappers All Round

The summer season is approaching rapidly, but Spring hasn’t let us down, with a fishing trifecta. It’s always great when everyone on board catches at

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Get out there

Another great season is coming to a close, with Summer fast approaching. Winter and Spring have seen some great catches, as seen in the image

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