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Snapper & Gummy

Autumn catches

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Lakes Entrance off shore fishing has been spectacular with the close of summer, with a lot of big Snapper and Gummy Shark being taken on-board, as well as Flathead and other species, to top off a great trip offshore.

Our trips out through the Entrance to the Gippsland Lakes this March have been the best fishing I have seen for a long time. So best book your trip now before the big fish move out to deeper water.

Farout Fishing's new 9m Bass Straight has been ordered and the build will be posted on my Facebook page ready for November this year. Check it out and follow us for regular updates to all our Charters.

Thanks again to all those who joined us for off-shore fishing charters during the summer, it was a great season and lots of fun taking you guys out.

Cheers - Skipper Tony.

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Summer Fishing Charters

Summer Fishing Charters

far out charters

The summer fishing season in Lakes Entrance so far has been very strong with great catches both off-shore and in the Gippsland Lakes.

We at Farout Charters have been flat chat, taking punters out via the Entrance, into the wild blue yonder of Snappers and Gummy. And all having a ball whilst doing it.

The team work you experience when with a group of like-minded people, with the lines being tugged, and net's getting prepared, is like nothing else on earth. Surrounded by the calm waters of the deep ocean, with the horizon stretched out on all sides, as far as the eye can see. It's very relaxing and exhilirating at the same time.

far out charters

So far, this summer, we've seen huge numbers of Snapper and Gummy Shark being reeled onboard. The largest Snapper so far was 8.5kg, with many others being landed over 5kg. That's a great meal to take home and throw on the barbie.

Lakes Entrance is about the best fishing location in Victoria, I reckon, as we have the ocean, the Gippsland Lakes and countless rivers to fish. And, our weather is second to none in Victoria, usually blue skies when everyone else is overcast or raining.

So we're ready to take you on a Fishing Charter of a lifetime ... well at least this summer-time ... so drop us a line and get organised while they're biting.

Keep up to date with our Facebook page with the latest catches ... Facebook.

Cheers - Captain Tony!

far out charters
far out charters

Winter and Whales

A mild start to Winter in Lakes

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What a great start to winter in Lakes Entrance with the winter Pinkies turning up in big numbers not far off-shore.

There have also been lots of other reef species, like Morwong and Nani Guy, Sargent Baker and the list goes on.

Lakes Entrance recorded the highest temperature in Victoria at 17c last week, so it's not winter here. It would be advisable to get your crew together and give us a call for a fantastic Fishing Charter, full of surprises.

Fishing is only part of the experience this time of the year, as we are seeing many Whales migrating north to the warmer water. These huge beasts are an added bonus while on your off-shore fishing charter. Don't forget to bring your camera.

far out charters

far out charters

Catch all our latest news and pics of catches on our Facebook page.

Captain Tony

Spring Charters in full swing

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With Spring now in the air, we have had a great winter in Lakes Entrance with a great variety of species caught.

The weather has been stunning, giving avid photographers some unique opportunities to shoot some brilliant sunrises over the ocean.

And that's not mentioning the great catches we've been having.

Looking forward to the big Snapper and Gummy`s turning up November onwards for our 2014/2015 season.

Get your friends together and come to Lakes Entrance for a Fishing charter to remember.

We regularly update our Facebook page with pics of our latest trip. If you want to see the results, check it out.

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Summer to Autumn

Great Summer Season

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What a great summer it's been this year in Lakes Entrance for off-shore fishing.

We have had some great catches this year out on the water, including Franco`s Stripped Marlin, pictured above. His catch caused quite a stir in the local fishing industry, with many off-shore charters attempting to match our superior abilities.

There has also been a lot of gummy shark and snapper about, much to the delight of our off-shore fishing customers.

However, summer is now over, but the fishing has not slowed down. We're seeing on a daily basis great numbers of Pinkies and Gummy`s still about and eager to catch your bait.

Far Out Charters Lakes Entrance is operating 7 days a week (weather permitting) throughout the Autumn months, so come on down to Lakes Entrance and try your luck with our experienced off-shore fishing crew.

Remember, we clean all your catch, in our time, not yours, and if you need some tips and pointers, our deck crew are there to assist and turn you into a professional off-shore fisherman.

If you haven't already, come over to the Farout Charters Facebook page, where we keep everyone up to date on what we're catching.

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Summer's here

Kicking off Summer 2014

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What a great start to summer we have had, with plenty of good size snapper, all the way up to 10kg, and good size gummy sharks being landed in the early mornings.

This last week of stormy, wet and humid weather, is on it's last legs, so we're getting our gear ready, the boat is primed, and we're all fired up for a busy, prosperous summer of Offshore charters.

Our sleepy tourist town of Lakes Entrance is ready and waiting for you, with plenty of great accommodation deals available. Checkout Lazy Acre Log Cabins or Kickback Cottages for somewhere to stay, and, book your charter early, because bookings are already filling for 2015.

Have a great New Year, and we'll see you in the Holidays.

We always have our latest reports on FaceBook, so drop by, Like our page and keep up to date with all our catches.

Cheers Captain Tony