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40 cm Snappers

Far Out Charters, your best fishing charter in Lakes Entrance has one thing in mind when we leave the bar at Lakes Entrance, and that is to send you home with a feed of fish.

We only did one offshore charter this week due the the weather forecast being all over the place, but your comfort and safety always come first with Far Out Charters Lakes Entrance.

We left the skate park boat ramp, Lakes Entrance at 5.30am and headed Offshore to where the fish are hiding and it wasn't long before the customers were in to 'em.

We had snapper over 40cm, Rubber lip Mowong, Jack ass mowong, Nani guy, Squid, and to top it off we saw Humpback whales and dolphins on our return trip home.

If you're looking at doing a bit of offshore fishing around Lakes Entrance, then check out our hire charges for a trip offshore, and give us a buzz or drop us an email.

Far Out Fishing Charters has been operating from the Lakes Enrtrance area for many years now, and we know where to find the fish. Come fishing with us, and we'll ensure a decent catch for you, or a discount is in order, (conditions apply).

Report on face book.

Cheers Captain Tony

Mixed results on Fishing Charter

Hello all, and welcome to another Lakes Entrance Fishing Charter Blog post.

We had a great week in Lakes Entrance this week with the weather on the our side, we did two offshore fishing charters with mixed results.

The first offshore charter, we headed down the west and didn't turn a reel again, so we returned to the eight mile reef and picked up a feed of pinky's, mowong and leather jackets.

The water temp is still 13 degrees but there is warmer water to the east, so a couple of easterly winds will help the temp rise.

Offshore Fishing Charters in Lakes Entrance can very from day to day. When you ask what I caught today I will tell you one thing, then the next day can be totally different. The fish can turn on overnight.

The fishing charters have been treated with an added extra when we return to the entrance with plenty of dolphins and seals playing in the channel.

Well until next time, tight lines.

Captain Tony

Water temp rising

What a mixed week of weather we have had here in Lakes Entrance, but never the less we got two fishing charters in this week with plenty of pinky, snapper and mowong and the odd Flathead.

Heading offshore from Lakes Entrance, around dawn on both charters, the fishing was mixed. On the first one we just headed out to the eight mile reef and caught a good bag of pinky's and a couple of mowong, we worked the offshore reefs in the area and ended up with a good feed of fish for everybody to take home some of the passengers have commented on my face book page. (check it out).

The second offshore charter trip I asked the charter if they wanted to risk half the day heading down the coast in the search for a gummy shark or big snapper, and they said lets give it a go.

So we went down the pipeline with great ambitions of catching the big red or maybe a gummy shark or two, but the water temp is only 13 degrees and we gave it go for a few hours with no luck, so back to the reef, where i know there are fish ... and there were.

With 20km travel time under our belts we got back to where we caught fish on the first offshore fishing charter, and the crew caught a good feed to take home, so not all was lost.

The water temperature is rising every week and the phone is starting to ring so if you want to try your luck in November for an offshore fishing charter, best you book now to avoid disappointment. Call me on 0428 401 819 to book your Offshore Charter, or even give your best mate a gift voucher.

Well until next time - Captain Tony.

Offshore in Spring

Well what a great couple of spring days we had on the water. We've had a few offshore charters this spring.

If the fishing was as good as the weather, we would still be cleaning fish, but we still did alright considering it`s still September. The real offshore fishing charters begin in October, November and through to the end of the school holidays, at least.

Down west was still quiet, as it is this time of year, but we picked up a couple of small Gummys in 16 meters near the Grange.

We then we headed out to the back reef offshore, and picked up a dozen pinky's. Not much size in them, the biggest would have been 33cm. Never the less, these fish are best to eat, so no complaints here.

The bar was calm with only a bit of tide wash when it was running out, but the crossing was textbook, no problems.

But be careful, this Entrance can change in a few hours, so when you return it may not be the same as when you went out.

Always wear your PFD`S because if something does go wrong, you will at least float, and other vessels will be able to see you.

Well until next time Happy Fishing, and if you're after an Offshore Fishing Charter of a lifetime, then give us a call or drop us an email.


Getting ready for Summer

Here at Far Out Fishing Charters we're gearing up for the summer season of off shore fishing.
Spring has presented us with the usual wild, windy weather off shore, so we're sitting pretty until it calms down.
All our gear is primed, the boat is pristine, and we're really looking forward to getting out to those fishing grounds again.
If you would like to book an off shore fishing charter, please visit the Booking page and make an enquiry. We will reply promptly.