Offshore in Spring

Well what a great couple of spring days we had on the water. We've had a few offshore charters this spring.

If the fishing was as good as the weather, we would still be cleaning fish, but we still did alright considering it`s still September. The real offshore fishing charters begin in October, November and through to the end of the school holidays, at least.

Down west was still quiet, as it is this time of year, but we picked up a couple of small Gummys in 16 meters near the Grange.

We then we headed out to the back reef offshore, and picked up a dozen pinky's. Not much size in them, the biggest would have been 33cm. Never the less, these fish are best to eat, so no complaints here.

The bar was calm with only a bit of tide wash when it was running out, but the crossing was textbook, no problems.

But be careful, this Entrance can change in a few hours, so when you return it may not be the same as when you went out.

Always wear your PFD`S because if something does go wrong, you will at least float, and other vessels will be able to see you.

Well until next time Happy Fishing, and if you're after an Offshore Fishing Charter of a lifetime, then give us a call or drop us an email.